Brick Room to the Rescue

Psst. We know you're secretly losing your mind, wedding coming up and all. Are you and your mom still on speaking terms? Good. Listen: we've got the perfect little place for you to host your luncheon or brunch. No, seriously. Intimate, charming, buckets of hip, and - oh yeah - across the street from the Provo City Center Temple. You could get here in those red sneakers you're gonna hide beneath your wedding dress. Also, we could take care of the whole thing. So here's the plan: we'll decorate, cater, and impress your in-laws while you look way too cute, eat some great food, and breathe. Deal?

Best. View. Ever.

Yeah, we've said it already, but... we're across the street from the Provo City Center Temple. That's stellar, right? It's not just me. Alright, so imagine this: after your sealing and a few gorgeous pics, cross the street with your dashing groom for an expertly prepared meal, handmade decorations, and a space that defines charm. We'll be waiting with a cool drink and a cushy chair. No traffic, no loading up your second cousins, and no freaking out when grandma gets lost. True. Story.

Friends With Benefits, a lot of people get married 'round here, turns out. Lucky for you, that means Provo's got bakers, caterers, decorators, and planners with serious skills in loads. We hang out with these cool kids all the time. What's that? You wanna meet our friends?

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You, us, a happenin' tour of a charming little place downtown. What do you say? It could be love.

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